Welcome to the 2nd Genetic Vaccine Development for Infectious Diseases

The 2nd Genetic Vaccine Development for Infectious Diseases Summit (GVID) will reunite the vaccine community to learn from innovative biotechs, trailblazing large pharma, and pioneering academics as we focus on overcoming the pre-clinical and clinical translational challenges of developing genetic vaccines targeting infectious diseases. With a larger focus on respiratory infectious diseases, GVID provides an end-to-end detailed insight into the development of next-generation vaccine candidates for COVID-19 and beyond. 


This summit is built specifically for those looking to integrate novel vaccine development approaches into their pre-clinical studies through to clinical translation, covering mRNA, srRNA, pDNA, adenovirus, RV, and AAV-based vaccine platforms. Join 150+ senior decision makers from pre-clinical and clinical development, infectious diseases, virology, and R&D from the world’s leading vaccine developers while accessing three ground-breaking days of content across two streams and 12+ hours of networking as we deliver the next era of vaccinology to prevent infectious diseases worldwide. 

37+ World-Class Speakers, Including:

Dushyant Varshney

Chief Technology Officer

Arcturus Therapeutics

Grace Chen

Senior Director, Clinical Development


Joshua DiNapoli

Global Project Head, mRNA Platform Development

Sanofi Pasteur

Kay Hunsberger

Director of Infrastructure for Biological Clinical Manufacturing,


Andrew Geall

Chief Development Officer

Replicate Bio

David Morrissey

Vice President & Head, RNA Incubator


Galit Alter

Professor of Medicine

Harvard Medical School

Martin Friede

Coordinator, Initiative for Vaccine Research

World Health Organisation

Proud Partners

Reviews From the Hanson Wade Vaccine Community:

"The vaccine landscape has been revolutionised by the advent of genetic vaccines. I am delighted to participate in this summit, to better understand how these powerful new tools can contribute to global public health"

- Norman Begg, Chief Medical Officer Emeritus, GSK Vaccines


“The meeting was great, there was a lot of up-to-date information about the current hot topic mRNA.”

- The Research Foundation for Microbial Diseases of Osaka University