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Overcome the Translational Challenges of Developing mRNA, DNA & Viral Vector-Based Vaccines for Infectious Diseases

It has been a landmark year for gene-based vaccines once again, with the development of the first mRNA COVID-19 booster doses, approval of the world’s first DNA-based vaccine for human use, and the continued clinical development of viral vector-based vaccines.

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Meet In-Person

Reunite with the vaccine community to foster new relationships, collaborations, and take advantage of those all-important face-to-face networking connections

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Dedicated Streams

No matter what stage of vaccine development, whether its early discovery and pipeline evaluation or clinical development and IND-filing, gain access to content that’s right for you to ensure you remain competitive within the rapidly growing genetic vaccine market

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Content Beyond COVID-19

With industry rapidly expanding mRNA, DNA, and viral vector-based technology beyond COVID-19 to other infectious diseases, gain access to novel and unpublished case studies and discover how newer platforms such as srRNA and AAV vectors hold great promise for previously unmet infections.

Agenda at a Glance

 Conference Day One
Wednesday, May 25

Future Directions & Adapting to COVID-19

Pre-Clinical Development
& Discovery
Optimising Clinical Translation & Development

Compare & Contrast mRNA vs Adenoviral Vector COVID-19 Vaccines

Networking Drinks Reception

 Conference Day Two
Thursday, May 26

Developing Vaccines at Pandemic Speed & Clinical Challenges of COVID-19
Vaccine Development

Networking Poster Session

Correlates of Immunity to

COVID-19 Vaccines & Clinical Updates for Pregnant Women
Close of Conference

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