Kay Hunsberger

Kay Hunsberger

Company: Merck

Job title: Director of Infrastructure for Biological Clinical Manufacturing,


Breakfast Panel: What does the Future Landscape of Vaccinology Look Like? How Can we Further Leverage mRNA Technology in Vaccinology & How Can Pharma & Biotech Prepare to Expand? 8:00 am

Could self-amplifying RNA be a more potent version of mRNA? Could mRNA be used to develop vaccines that target numerous strains of a virus family, like coronaviruses and influenza, and act as a first-line defence against future pandemics? What are the challenges of developing, manufacturing, and scaling up these new modalities? How can we meet…Read more

day: Day One Morning

Developing Vaccines at Pandemic Speed 8:30 am

Highlighting approaches in vaccine development to be prepared for future potential pandemic infectious diseases and share our historical experiences with Ebola and Coronavirus How Merck responded to the Ebola outbreak, share our experience partnering with other companies, government, health, and regulatory agencies, and non-government organizations to develop and implement a vaccine to address the outbreak…Read more

day: Day Two

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