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Synthetic DNA

Accelerating discovery through rapid automated DNA synthesis

Reimagined workflows for DNA synthesis

DNA on demand – In your lab.

Build exactly what you need

  • Build complex sequences
  • 2-step error-correction technology delivers industry-leading error rate of 1 : 14,000 bp

Automate your entire workflow

  • Synthesize DNA fragments
  • Synthesize and clone DNA
  • Build DNA variant libraries
  • Amplify DNA

Accelerate discoveries

  • Rapidly build DNA in < 1 day
  • Boost efficiency of iterative discovery workflows

Remove bottlenecks in your discovery process

Traditional DNA synthesis techniques are comprised of multiple manual steps that can take weeks to months to complete. Inherent challenges with these processes limit the sequence length, fidelity, and scale required for research projects.

DNA synthesis can alternatively be outsourced, shifting those challenges to service providers. However, outsourcing poses additional limitations including lack of workflow control, unpredictable project timelines, and data security issues.


Harness the power of the BioXp™ 3250 System

Stephen Schoenberger, PhD

"Thanks to the BioXp™ system, the time required to go from understanding and ordering a digital sequence to functional testing of a given TCR has gone from over three weeks to under three days — I am amazed and grateful."

Stephen Schoenberger, PhD
La Jolla Institute of Immunology
Jake Becraft, PhD

"I used the BioXp™ system to generate DNA fragments that were too complex to be synthesized by a routine DNA synthesis service. The BioXp™ system allows me to build highly complex sequences in a short amount of time, at my benchtop, with high fidelity."

Jake Becraft, PhD
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Russell Komor, PhD

"The BioXp™ system really speeds up the engineering process and made it possible to test more designs in a shorter amount of time. Engineers usually have to compromise their design, but with Telesis Bio, we can submit any kind of design and get our DNA within a week."

Russell Komor, PhD
Director of Biochemistry, Cellibre

Comprehensive synthetic DNA solutions

Through the power of Gibson Assembly® and BioXp™ technology, Telesis Bio enables push-button, automated building of synthetic DNA.

In a single run, researchers can construct genes, large clones, or variant DNA libraries – drastically reducing build time and improving productivity.

No need to wait weeks, get hi-fidelity DNA constructs overnight.

DNA Variant Libraries

Build scanning, site-saturation, combinatorial, and targeted DNA variant libraries using IUPAC nucleotides to optimize protein binding and function.

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Build long error-corrected, de novo synthetic genes up to 7.2kb in length, and clone them into customer specified vectors.

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Gene Fragment Synthesis

Build error-corrected, de novo synthetic genes up to 1.8kb in length.

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DNA Amplification

Amplify up to 10 micrograms of error-corrected genes cloned into either a made-to-stock or customer vectors.

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Improvements in target validation rates by automating and streamlining antibody production

Case study: Adopting the BioXp™ system compresses design-build-test cycle times and increases pipeline by 25% for one biopharmaceutical company developing an antibody-based therapeutic

Engineered T cells have been used successfully to treat several leukemias and solid tumors. However, building and screening engineered T cell receptors is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Learn how a biopharmaceutical company transitioned from a traditional method of building expression constructs for chimeric antigen receptors (CAR) to an automated method using the BioXp™ system. The BioXp™ system is the world’s first and only commercially available push-button automated platform for on-demand synthesis of DNA fragments, libraries, and more. The traditional method relied on manual processes for DNA fragment synthesis, cloning, and tracking the reactions. The large number of candidates required for screening made this method prone to human error, cumbersome, and complicated. Adopting the BioXp™ system streamlined the building of expression constructs, eliminating several manual processes from the workflow, and accelerated the identification of lead candidates.


Science without constraints: How Cellibre transformed enzyme engineering with Telesis Bio

Case study: See how scientists at an agricultural biotech startup relied on the BioXp™ system and the Telesis Bio service team to engineer a key enzyme for higher-quality cannabinoid production.

If your work involves protein or pathway engineering, don’t miss this case study illustrating how scientists at Cellibre significantly accelerated their efforts to engineer a cannabinoid enzyme using the BioXp™ system and Telesis Bio’s service team.

“The BioXp™ system really speeds up the engineering process and made it possible to test more designs in a shorter amount of time. Engineers usually have to compromise their design, but with Telesis Bio, we can submit any kind of design and get our DNA within a week.”
— Russell Komor, Director of biochemistry at Cellibre

In this case study, you’ll learn about:

  • How the automated BioXp™ system streamlined their enzyme discovery process
  • How the Telesis Bio service team improved their discovery performance by generating targeted libraries
  • Why it was important for Cellibre scientist to test more complex variant designs, which wouldn’t have been feasible with conventional approaches to DNA synthesis in the required timeframe.


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