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Precision medicine

Increase throughput. Eliminate contaminants and immunogenicity.

Precision medicine

Neoantigens, or tumor mutated specific antigens, are major tumor rejection antigens, allowing tumors to activate the immune system and induce an efficient anti-tumor response. As personalized medicine for cancer therapeutics ramps up and becomes more feasible and affordable, individual patient neoantigen development is increasingly important. Identification of these neoantigens has greatly improved, with recent advancements in deep sequencing and bioinformatics technologies. Gene synthesis and mRNA production then allow for these predicted neoantigens to be synthesized and tested for T cell reactivity, differentiating true immunogenic neoepitopes from putative ones. Since patients’ mutated antigens are largely unique to the individual, speed is one of the most important goals in identifying and verifying true neoantigens for induction of the T cell-mediated immune response.

Precision medicine

Accelerating personalized neoantigen synthesis

The BioXp™ system’s on-demand, high-throughput gene and mRNA synthesis and flexible cloning into a variety of vectors allow for quick screening and development of personalized cancer treatments. Gibson Assembly® RapidAMP™ cloning and amplification process avoids the use of E. coli, thus eliminating endotoxin contamination and unwanted immunogenicity.

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