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Vaccine discovery and development

Accelerate development and improve efficiency

Vaccine discovery and development

The need for rapid vaccine development in response to emerging pathogens has become increasingly clear during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, traditional methods and systems of vaccine discovery, development, and manufacturing can be complicated for manufacturers, regulators, and public health officials — especially for endemic viruses (e.g., influenza), where manufacturers must adjust the vaccine to counter the virus’ constant antigenic variation.

In comparison, mRNA vaccine production is more time- and cost-effective, as it is less complicated, and can be easily adapted to accommodate new candidates within an established manufacturing pipeline. Given this, vaccinology has recently seen a shift toward synthetic mRNA approaches, which allow for rapid, scalable, and cell-free manufacturing of prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines.

For development of mRNA vaccines, de novo gene synthesis allows for increased specificity of antigen proteins, more efficient vaccine adjuvants, and safer specialized vectors. Through codon-optimization of these genes and vectors, targeted and safe vaccines can be created rapidly to treat newly emerging viral threats, such as influenza, coronaviruses, and Ebola.

Vaccine Development

Accelerate iteration and increase efficiency

Gene synthesis with codon-optimization and mutant libraries using the BioXp™ system can accelerate the speed of vaccine development and improve the efficiency and safety of the resulting recombinant genes, adjuvants, and vectors. Additionally, pairing antigen epitope mapping technology with the BioXp™ system’s ability to rapidly iterate can accelerate rational design strategies for vaccine development.

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